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UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences offers an education that emphasizes the importance of treating patients as individuals and incorporating the latest research available in their training. After the first year, students have the opportunity to participate in paid summer research positions. Students complete clerkships during their third and fourth years with the option of serving patients abroad in the fourth year.

Their mission statement is: “The mission of The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences is to improve health in the communities and region we serve. We do this by educating excellent clinicians and scientists, by providing patient centered and high-quality care and by producing nationally recognized research in focused area.”

University of Toledo’s 2017 Secondary Application Essay Questions:

1. One of the AAMC Core Competencies for entering medical students involves cultural competence: "Demonstrates knowledge of socio-cultural factors that affect interactions and behaviors; shows an appreciation and respect for multiple dimensions of diversity; recognizes and acts on the obligation to inform one's own judgment; engages diverse and competing perspectives as a resource for learning, citizenship, and work; recognizes and appropriately addresses bias in themselves and others; interacts effectively with people from diverse backgrounds." Discuss a specific experience from your life that you feel demonstrates your cultural competence. (1000 word limit)

I recommend selecting an example in which you played an active role in alleviating language or cultural barriers. In this essay, you can highlight the interpersonal communication skills that you have and any additional languages that you speak. Effective examples would include translating for people who don’t speak the same language or communicating religious or cultural differences that could cause confusion for others. For example, a student from a Hmong or Laotian background who understands this community’s lack of trust for Western Medicine could describe how to they successfully helped organize and host free health clinics through a church in the community to provide health check-ups. There are many different examples that would fit well for this essay question. The key will be selecting one that demonstrates your level of awareness and sensitivity to others.

2. One of the AAMC Core Competencies for entering medical students involves resilience and adaptability: "Demonstrates tolerance of stressful or changing environments or situations and adapts effectively to them; is persistent, even under difficult situations; recovers from setbacks." Discuss a specific experience from your life that you feel demonstrates your resilience and adaptability. (1000 word limit)

Similar to the above question, you should choose a specific experience that demonstrates your resilience and fits the mission statement of the school. Your experience can be drawn from your personal life or from any activities. I would suggest picking an experience that affected more than one person in terms of outcome. The other key to this question is to explain in detail exactly what you did to overcome the obstacle. The adcom is looking to see what kinds of coping mechanisms you have and how you deal with stress.

Optional Essay:

Briefly explain any extenuating circumstances (e.g., poor grades, course withdrawals, etc.) which you feel may be pertinent to your application. (1000 word limit)

To respond effectively to this essay prompt, examine your AMCAS application from an outsider’s perspective. In reviewing your grades and activities, is there anything that needs to be explained? Is there anything confusing? Or is there something that might not be obvious to the reader without providing some emphasis, for example, on the number of hours that you worked per week while attending school full time? You can explain any reasons for why your application may be less competitive. State the facts to create the right tone and avoid making excuses.

***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***

UT Medical School Application Timeline:

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