the value of research?

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Feb 7, 2010
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I go to a research university, UCI, and i was just wondering what adcoms think about pre-med students who go into research? from what i've heard, pre-med students who go to the UCs shoudl get into research because UCs are research giants, and its so easy to get into a research lab....

but what are some pros and cons? what if you plan to join a research lab to gain co-authorship on some manuscript or publication???

what do you guys think??

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There are no cons. Having research can only benefit you. I will also add that without research your chances at many medical schools becomes a lot lower. Getting a publishing is also a major plus on your application.
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* You will have established a capability and interest in research methodology
* Your application will be a little more rounded
* You seem that much more viable as someone who probably won't kill themselves during MS-1 due to work load


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Having research can only benefit you.

Boy, I was really hoping to hear some positive feedback like this. I'm a little concerned about my own research endeavors and how medical schools might view them. It's a bit controversial (politically and morally).