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The wonderful world of the MCAT!!

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by PrayingEmilio, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. PrayingEmilio

    PrayingEmilio Junior Member

    Feb 13, 2002
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    well, i know that this is probobly going to be one of the most hated posts on the board..the horror of this exam!
    I will be starting my mcat review in one month, and so I was hoping for any advice on how to approach the exam and the prepcourse. You have no idea of all the horror stories I have heard!!
    One really important question is if this type of exam is more of an exam where the skills are learned and mastered, of if it's more of a 'u know it or u don't'
    Thanx a lot guys!!
    oh, my displayed name is actually
    my brother's so ignore that part of the post! (he's praying to get into dental school this year)
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  3. MUN2005

    MUN2005 Miner?
    7+ Year Member

    Aug 19, 2001
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    There have been several discussions on this topic before. Just go to 'search' at the top of the screen and type in your keyword(s).

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