The Wreb Exam!!

Discussion in 'NBDE Exams & Licensure Exams' started by futurdentist, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Hi everybody,
    I'm preparing to take the wreb early June. As always I come to this forum for information , help and support.
    I noticed that there are so many threads in this forum about the wreb .
    I would just like to suggest that we all post in 1 thread so it becomes an easy source of information for everybody.( just like we had 1 thread for the bench exam). This way , if u have passed or failed the wreb, if u have already taken the wreb or just preparing for it, u can always go to that specific thread for information. In this way u don't have to scan all the threads to get the information u are looking for.

    So tell me what u think ?
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  3. Do you need a Assisant for your your EXAM
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    I just finished today. What a brutal last three days. Tomorrow I take Perio/Prosth. so I really need to study.

    Obviously I don't know if I passed or not (gotta wait), but I found the test to be extremely fair. For the clinical procedures you have more than enough time. Most of my questions that I had were answered during the orientation (you wouldn't have believed some of the stupid questions answered). The examiners are extremely friendly and were really courteous with the patients (my instructors at school should take note), and they really tried to help where permissible. I had to ask for 2 extensions, and on the second one the instructor approved it but added that I didn't need to use the whole 1/2 mm extension (which I and my assistant took to mean that he was hinting that the caries didn't extend much further).

    Endo was rough, but that was mostly my fault. I have done 2 mock exams and have been given 1/2 hour less time to complete RCT's under the same scenario, yet I turned in my stuff w/ only seconds to spare (no exaggeration).

    My hints:
    (1) If possible take the test at a facility where you are familiar.
    (2) Read and re-read the candidate packet.
    (3) Fill out as much of the worksheets as possible beforehand; including recording radiographic calculus on the perio worksheet.
    (4) Know the things you need to turn in with every submission.
    (5) Know the grading criteria so you don't have to look it up during the test.
    (6) I used a dental student as an assistant. I didn't see the need to pay upwards of $700 to have a professional assistant.
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    Apr 23, 2007
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    I was there with you. No fun at all. I saw some people crying getting pink slips for caries. Last year they did not take 26 points away for leaving caries but it changed this year. Basically if you leave caries it is impossible to get a 75 so you fail. That sucks. I second everything you said. I take my CSW thursday. Gotta go study now. The wait is going to be brutal.
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