There is hope for verbal

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Dec 22, 2006
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I took AAMC 3 a few weeks ago and got a 7 in verbal. I did some EK passages for a couple of weeks and got a 9 on AAMC 4. Did even more passages and just got an 11 on AAMC 5. Everyone is right, it just takes practice.

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Keep in mind though, your scores throughout various AAMCs will fluctuate. Some tests have harder VR sections than others (I think 10 is the one with the really brutal VR). Luck plays a huge role, too. I got a 10 on my last PS before the real thing and got a 12 on the exam - but I hadn't done any PS studying during the few days in between, so you can't really say that I improved something in the meantime. There's definitely a luck aspect.
I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but I also took CBT 5 recently and scored a 12. I think the CBT on 5 is a bit easier, but this is only my opinion. Take the scores with a grain of salt and keep practicing. Good luck!