Aug 21, 2014
Hey guys,

So this semester, as a freshman, I did not take any science classes. I took a couple social sciences (psych 101 and sociology 101), spanish 101 and a supplemental course, and also precalculus. So far these classes are pretty easy and straight-forward, GPA is 4.0 thus far. The reason that I didn't take any science courses was that wasn't entirely set on medical school or my major so I took all general ed. So next semester I am thinking about taking Gen. Bio, Gen Chem, physics, and a required freshman seminar class. Is this something that is doable? Am I rushing the classes too much?

Ideally, I'd like to have everything completed by mid junior year so I can take the MCAT that January, or end of Junior year to take in May.
Jul 30, 2014
3 science courses is certainly feasible. You may have to aim for MCAT spring/summer after junior year because the chem sequence typically takes 5 semesters (gen chem 1, gen chem 2, o chem 1, o chem 2, biochem).


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Sep 8, 2014
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Personally, I would do 2 science courses and rack up the gen ed garbage. You'll have to do some summer classes to get everything you want done in time, but remember that GPA is much more important then just trying to get everything done in time to take the MCAT. Going into medicine is a marathon, don't try to sprint it. I would really only say it's feasible for you to do all 3 of the general sequences if you have above average background knowledge in at least 2 of them. But, everyone has different capacities for learning. I know I wasn't ready for 3 science sequences during mid freshman year.


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Oct 5, 2013
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Bc you're a freshman I recommend only 2 science classes with labs, not three. 3 sciences with labs may be overwhelming for a freshman whose new to college, especially if you don't already have prior experience with chem, bio, or physics.

3 sciences with labs is of course doable if you're responsible and motivated
Aug 5, 2014
well, psych and soc are useful classes now, so you're not totally behind the game. the 3 lectures are very doable but that'll be a lot of labs. also does your school allow you to start these yearlong sequences in the spring and finish in the fall? i was able to do that for orgo but i dont think that's how it usually works.