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things for pregnant moms

Discussion in 'Step I' started by obiwan, May 29, 2008.

  1. obiwan

    obiwan Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 26, 2006
    does anyone know if guidelines for taking care of a pregnant mom is something that step will ask? i've gotten a few questions on UW about what do for them which i've gotten all wrong.
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  3. mudphudwannabe

    mudphudwannabe Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 18, 2004
    I guess it depends what you mean by "taking care of." In general, I think it's fair game. I think I had at least a couple of questions pertaining to pregnancy on my exam. I would especially know a bit about eclampsia, preeclampsia, lab tests for Down's Syndrome/neural tube defects/fragile X, what commonly used (or commonly tested) drugs are and are not safe during pregnancy, etc. I wouldn't go nuts with the details, but hitting the major points will probably serve you well.
  4. llsprings

    llsprings 7+ Year Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    Sorry to bump this old thread, it seems like some people got more or less number of pregnancy-related questions. So I was just wondering, are majority of questions about abnormality/pathology relating to pregnancy? How about normal maternal (pregnant) physiology?
  5. turkeyjerky

    turkeyjerky Physician 7+ Year Member

    Sep 27, 2008
    I had a few questions about pregnancy related path--ectopic, abnormal placentation, probably a Q about AFP levels, but I don't think they'll be any questions about guidelines on routine testing in normal pregnancy--that's stuff they save for the OB clerkship and step 2
  6. DrBowtie

    DrBowtie Final Countdown Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Anecdotally, I got hammered on female repro including pregnancy questions.
  7. llsprings

    llsprings 7+ Year Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    May I ask are they like normal physiologic changes e.g. spider angiomata, increased cardiac output, systolic murmur, increased RBC mass, WBC, or abnormal pathologic changes e.g. preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, toxo? Thanks for input! I'll study both areas nonetheless, but would like to know the proportionate distribution.

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