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Things to consider in med school selection?


Full Member
Sep 30, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey everyone,

The time is coming where I am going to start making a list and thinking of waht med schools I may want to apply to, this list will be subject to change obviously upon further academic work, MCAT and GPA, but what should I really be looking for/considering

ex: MD or DO? Location? Tuition? Residencies/Specialties? Faculty?

any help would be appreciated
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Full Member
Sep 30, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
Well, give us some idea of your stats/ECs/background. The better applicant you are, the more choices you'll have.

Stats so far:

Junior in college (alittle behind credit-wise)
cGPA: 3.8
sGPA: 3.8

Psychology major (BS)

Volunteer work in the ER
Shadowing Experience with two doctors
Writing/English Tutor
Peer Orientation Leader
CRLA Certified in tutoring level 1

Have taught children how to surf in a free clinic
Former professional surfer

Im working on more volunteering/shadowing as well as a research opportunity and or scribe.

Also working on some LOR
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the evil queen of numbers
15+ Year Member
Mar 7, 2005
  1. Academic Administration
Start with your gpa and MCAT combined using the formula gpa(10)+MCAT. This is called the LizzyM score. You can compare this to the average gpa and average MCAT publicized by each school for its most recently admitted class or by the AAMC in the publication MSAR which shows the median MCAT subscores and median gpa for applicants offered admission at that school (often these medians are higher than the means of matriculants... go with the higher numbers if you have any doubts).

If your LizzyM is 65 don't consider yourself to have a great chance of getting into a school with a LizzyM of 75. Someone might be so kind as to direct you to a handy interactive spreadsheet that will help you compare your stats to med schools' stats.

Next cross of the list any schools that are not in your state of residence and not friendly to OOS applicants.

If you do not speak Spanish, take the Puerto Rican Schools off your list.

If you are not interested in attending a Historically Black Medical School, take those schools off your list.

If you would have a problem with the religious character of a school affiliated with a particular denomination, cross that school from your list.

If there are more than 15 schools on your list, it is reasonable to begin shaving the list based on geography, how well the mission fits with your goals (are you most interested in research, rural medicine, family practice, super-subspecialty academic medicine, etc), issues related to housing and transportation (do you prefer to live in a dorm or an apartment, want/don't want to be dependent on a car).

If you would prefer to stay home and listen to podcasts of the lectures, don't choose a school with mandatory lecture attendance.
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Full Member
7+ Year Member
Oct 25, 2009
  1. Medical Student
Once you pick schools, look into their requirements for matriculation. OSU requires biochem i believe. Brown and Oakland require calculus, etc. Also, OOS stuff is important because some schools are very biased. For example, Illinois at Chicago is mostly IS, the tuition for OOS is 3x that of IS. Also, Southern Illinois only accepts OOS students in a MD/JD program. Check out the details!

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