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We just completed a day of doing dental blocks in our physician assistant class today - I have to tell you it's more fun receiving than giving them, but it was actually pretty interesting work. Not that I plan on getting to use it much, but I wish the PA/MD/DO schools put more emphasis on these skills to allow for a basic level of intervention before the DDS can do the final work. Anyhow - just had to say it was pretty cool.



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Heh heh...

One of my sisters and her husband are anesthesiologist MDs. And when I ask them about administering local blocks for dental work, they draw a blank. :D :D :D

Guess those of us going into dentistry are good for something after all LOL!

Me, I still need more practice in administering the blocks... My OMFS rotation at a hospital is coming up this December and I had better be ready by then..
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