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This girl in my Chemistry lab today...


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  • Sep 15, 2013
      was wearing this shirt. I s*** you not.
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      Doctor Strange

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      Jun 12, 2012
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      1. Attending Physician
        Yeah, but imagine if you hadn't been accepted. Then you probably wouldn't be admitting anything.
        But I did get accepted, and, for all anyone knows, so could this girl. There's no need to make an entire new thread about this to bash her.
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        May 4, 2014
        1. Pre-Medical
          The penguins have bled into this thread! Go us!!

          In response to the OP's post.. I would never wear that. Not that would bash her for it, but I'm always doubting of my ability to make it into med school and that level of confidence is almost laughable when it comes to such a competitive field.

          Go penguins!
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