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Apr 7, 2002
    I interviewed there. I thought it was an attractive program. Good hours, nice facilities, downtown. Their board pass rate was really low (something like 30-40%) though. One of the residents told me their didactics weren't that great either.


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    Jul 13, 2003
      I rotated there and it seemed like a strong program. That's what baffles me about their open spots. They apparently have a total of 20 spots per year, but they only give up 13-15 for the match, the rest go outside.

      Their new PD, Dr.Maguire seemed all business, solid clinical guy, and had a good vision for the program. He transformed their didactics (increasing them), but I would not blame the board pass rate on the program, but rather on the apathy of the residents.

      One thing I noticed was a stark difference in attitudes between CA-1s and CA-2+3's. It seemed that the older folk were in some sort of denial that they were being "worked to death". Which completely surprised me, because they would get out at 3-4 ON REGULAR BASIS!

      Their SICU rotation...they don't even carry patients, they just shadow. Now like I said PD, alluded that he wanted to handpick people for the program, so I guess it would make sense that their rank list would be shorter, and they would recruit outside (a surer bet).

      Conclusion: Overall a strong program, a little weak in Cards numbers, and some bad blood in the upper years. Otherwise it just flabbergasts me that they didn't fill.
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      Sep 14, 2007
      1. Attending Physician
        Overall a solid program. Location is great with many residents living within walking distance of the hospital. Overall residents are friendly, hardworking, unpretentious. Didactics are much improved from the beginning of this post that was started in 2004. The Assistant PD has done a great deal to expand the didactic offerings and to include oral board prep as well. Lots of ENT, Ortho (regional), Neuro (awake fiber optic intubations), transplant (liver, kidney living and cadaver). SICU rotation has changed from the original post with increased responsibility although surgery is still in charge of SICU. Peds is at DuPont in Delaware so it is about a 40min commute. Class size is 15/year. They have recently added a clinical base year for class of 2015. I am not sure of the particulars.
        PM me if you have more specific questions.
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