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  1. I know this is directed at a small audience. I have heard there are anywhere from 55-79 general surgery residents applying this year. I am interested in knowing what peoples' experiences have been during this interview season (for Thoracic/Cardiothoracic surgery fellowships)?

    I am curious what you may have found in your travels. I am curious if others have heard anything or asked about any specifics about specialized aspects in training? Some programs have expressed they do not perform and/or believe in minimally invassive techniques for thoracic surgery.

    i.e. no VATS wedges/lobes/pneumonectomies/esophagectomies
    i.e. no/limited lap Nissens & Hellers (some programs all Nissens are the domain of general surgery and/or MIS Fellows)

    I don't claim to know the answer as to the best approach (i.e. MIS vs open). It is interesting to hear the arguments on either side. It is also interesting to think about the finer points of training opportunities. I know every program does CABG, valve work, transplant, etc... How about MIS valves/etc...?

    On another note, I have heard some programs are reaching out of the match or strongly considering it.

    Well, I hope this starts some discussion.
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    I too would be interested in hearing stories of the interview trail. I might add, how many people took time out to do some research and is it a "requirement" anymore to gain a position. Thanks!
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    CT surg is wide open. All you need is a pulse.

    That being said-- the 5-10 programs still attract the top applicants and thus there is some competition for those spots

    UPMC, U VA, Wash U, Columbia, Penn

    Other than that, the programs are basically desparate and will take anyone who wants to go there

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