Sep 26, 2013
Hi guys ,
need REALLy sincere and factual advice on what to do.
My exam is in 3.5 months.
I am an IMG .
I find it is very late when I am finding out about Goljan and Pathoma .All I did was all Kaplan LN , UW ( 600 Qs remaining) and First Aid .I feel Pathology is very insufficient in Kaplan.
I started Goljan RR but am overwhelmed at the amount of text I will have to go through .I thought my ( new) knowledge acquiring phase was over and now I only had to do revisions and more revisions.
What to do .apparently Pathoma is more concise .Should I put in the huge time investment in Goljan at this point of my prep?I cant say I have a photographic memory.i have an average mind which appreciates revisions and flashcards and practice .
As I said I am an IMG and 240 and above is the only chance of my survival ( old IMG is another negative) .
Asking Step 2 people because you guys have been there done that .


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May 3, 2013
go for pathoma. With 3.5mo left it will be relatively easy to do. its a little late to be starting to look at goljan RR now. If you get a chance after doing pathoma listen to the goljan lectures. they are good
Aug 22, 2013
Medical Student
Don't worry, I started Pathoma late too, and I thought it would negatively effect my score but it didn't. I would advise doing Pathoma thoroughly and doing as many questions as possible. UWorld + First Aid + Pathoma are the most important study materials. I never even looked at Goljan, and I got a 247. I heard from others that Goljan is good, though, so if you have time you could listen to the lectures. But I think that instead of spending a lot of time on Goljan, it would be more time efficient and beneficial to instead keep reviewing Pathoma and First Aid (repetition is key, whether it is with flashcards or however else) and keep doing questions. I used BRS physiology as well, which I found helpful since physiology was one of my weak points. Good luck!