Those who used Academic Review for EPPP prep

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Just learned I can only have two practice tests open in Academic Review's Exam Center at one time. This seems to be a recent change as the friend who told me to use their program had 4 open at a time. I'm on a time crunch and this new change throws a HUGE glitch in my study schedule...Since I was going to have two or three going section by section as I learned stuff, then 2 or 3 done in larger chunks after I've let material soak in more and listened to CDs more, last few were gonna be the few days before the test done in one sitting.

Wondering if anyone out there has used this program and because you already passed (yay!) no longer need access to any extra tests you may still have left.

Essentially hoping someone is willing to give me access to an account they no longer need so I can have 4 tests or more (2 on each account) open at a time...I know it's asking a lot but I would be eternally grateful!!!

Another alternative would be if anyone knows a way to effectively/cost efficiently print the exams. I don't mind scoring them, if I have paper copies I can use with my study plan. i cant figure out how to do it except page by page though...

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