thoughts on hpsp for dental school (air force)


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Jan 14, 2004
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    Hey guys!
    I met with an AF recruiter today about the hpsp scholarship. I have lots of questions to ask people in the program! While hearing the perspective of a woman in the AF in the dental field would be most similar to my situation, I don't know if this is too specific.
    While I may change my mind, I do want to keep my options in dental school open for a specialty field (orthodontics....:love: )
    Specializing in civilian dental school is fairly competitive, does it seem to be more/less competitve to specialize in a military residency? Does the military tend to discourage specializing because (it would seem to me) that there would be a larger need for general dentists?
    Exactly how does inactive reserve work? Did people on inactive reserve get called up/deployed for the Iraq war? Or do they only take you off inactive reserve if there is another draft?
    Any information you have is very helpful, I'm just a bundle of questions!
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