Time-Saving Tips for Interview Preparation


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Jan 26, 2007
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    I figured this would probably be a pretty relevant thread to start. I know that I am not alone in the boat of people working full-time, taking classes to fulfill remaining prereqs, applying to schools, and having to prepare for interviews/going out of town a lot. It's definitely a challenge keeping all of the balls rolling! So, here's a tip that I have for everyone (but especially those in the boat with me ;))

    A WONDERFUL way to review current health issues and pharmacy issues while at work (if you can get away with it. I work in biotech and do cell maintenance and stuff where I can wear headphones. If not, maybe in your car to and from work...) -- Podcasts. Honestly. They have revolutionized the media industry and they are FREE (and pretty convenient if you have an iPod or mp3 player).

    A few podcasts that have been infinitely helpful to me:
    The People's Pharmacy
    Johns Hopkins Medicine Weekly Health Update
    Boards of Pharmacy Against Counterfeit Drugs
    Pharmacy Benefits Podcast

    They can all be found on iTunes (you probably need an account though) and are free. If you subscribe, they will update every time you open iTunes. Anyway, just wanted to share.


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      I have another tip...

      When I look back on my interviews, I think about what I learned. One thing I was really worried about was researching the school before my interview. I was under the impression that I should know as much as possible about the school and to show them in the interview that I had done my research. I felt like when they asked me why I wanted to go to their school, I should be able to say, "Well, I really like that you have such a respected faculty. I really like the research Dr. Johnson has been doing on gene therapy...whatever, whatever".

      Well, I didn't have the time to do that before my interview, and I was worried about it. So, I just gave answers like "I have a lot of family here" and "My boyfriend is applying to medical school here" and "I really like the campus" and "I've heard wonderful things about this school". And what do you know...I got in! Now that I look back, I realize they don't really care that I know every fact about the school. They want to see my personality. They want to know that I have people skills and that relationships are important to me, and not that I'm a walking encyclopedia.

      Well, I don't know how many other people felt like this before their interview, but anyway, I just thought I'd share :) It might save you some prep time before the interview


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      Aug 31, 2006
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        I just had a phone interview with LECOM and I am so glad I found this post! I was really worried about having to know all the things about the school. But only time can tell if I did well or not! **crosses fingers** lol
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