Sep 13, 2011
I have decided to take my MCAT in Jan 2013. I have signed up for the TPR LiveOnline Review course that starts in Nov. and ends Jan 20 so I will have abt 10 days to my actually ending the review course so close to my real MCAT a good thing?

I have already received my prep books so I will study by myself from June-Oct.. I plan on doing the science workbook practice problems by myself and when I start the course I will do the online prep science... for verbal I have enrolled in TPR verbal accelerator LiveOnline course and will use ExamKrackers 101 so I will not be using the Verbal workbook until I start the course.

I also have addition material, but I doubt I will ran out of material from the LiveOnline Course
I have the entire ExamKracker set with the 1001 in all subjects.
Nova Physics
ExamKracker Audio Osmosis