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Mar 14, 2004
  1. Attending Physician
    I'm a sophomore government major, and I recently decided I want to go to med school. I have been thinking on and off about med school for a couple of years, but I also wanted to explore my interest in political science. With that said, I've made the decision that I will have gone as far as I would like in my major and I would like to go to med school. I've done some volunteering and job shadowing in a hospital around college, and those experiences confirmed my interest. Anyway, here's my timeline for taking the pre-req classes, since I only have physics 1 done. I'm a real type-A personality, and I think I can get all of them done without having to take a year off after college and between med school. Well, here goes. (We have a three term academic year btw)

    Summer: Zoology for credit , and I plan to study as much chem 1 on my own as possible.

    Fall term : Accelerated chem during fall term (it's chem 1 & 2 combined) and principles of biology (intro).

    Winter term junior year: Organic 1 and studying for the mcat. I might audit physics 2 so that I learn the concepts. The reason for this is because I'm somewhat worried about doing physics and organic at the same time.

    Spring term junior year: Organic 2 and take the mcat in April

    Summer after junior year: fill out applications

    Winter term senior year: physics 2 (so to get it done before I graduate)

    Anyway, I would love any input on how viable this plan is. I know that I'll have to study exceptionally hard, but I've got a really high gpa and I do that anyway, so I'm well aware of the effort I need to put in. Would this be a practical plan?


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    Aug 15, 2003
    1. Attending Physician
      you're gonna suffer by not taking physics 2 before the mcat since there's plenty of optics and other E&M stuff on there. you'll be forced to learn it either in an mcat review class or on your own during mcat studying. physics 2 is too big a topic to completely ignore. otherwise, prepare for some rough times. consider taking the year off though. 1 year isn't that long a time - it's better to do well a year later than to rush it and not do so well.

      also consider just doubling up on physics and orgo. i did it - it's not that bad really.
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      Dec 9, 2002
        It is def. not a good idea to take the MCAT w/o physics II. You can get away with only having the first half of orgo, but Physics is intense on the MCAT, and you don't want to screw with your Physical sciences score.

        1. First, you should sit with a premed advisor at your school and map out a plan with him/her because they will know exactly what your school is like and what is feasible and what is not.
        2. You also need to make sure you are fulfilling the 1 year/8 credit requirement that most schools have by taking that accelerated chem.
        3. Don't forget lab-- you must take that before med school, and depending on your school Chem & Orgo labs can be especially difficult.
        4. If you really, really refuse to take a year off, than I would suggest taking the August mcats. that way you can take physics II and won't be in such a rush. I took the August MCAT, and have had over 10 interview offers (and I am not a special case, check out the August MCAT thread), and four acceptances so far. Just have your AMCAS application already submitted by August and all your secondaries completed BEFORE the MCAT results are out (I can't empahsize that enough).
        5. Optimally I would take a year off. I did that as well, and I can't tell you how valuable it is. You really get the opportunity to chill and veg a bit. You can get a job as a substitute teacher for the school year that you have off, that way when you need off for interviews it won't be difficult at all.

        That's just my 2 cents.....


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        Jul 19, 2003
        1. Resident [Any Field]
          Taking 1 year of general chem in 1 semester doesn't sound so good, unless you had chem in high school and did well.

          You should try to take some prerequisites this summer (bio, chem, and/or physics-- Zoology is not a prerequisite for med school.) Try taking them at a different university. What city are you near?

          Take the MCAT in August, not April. Because you will need extra study time, unless you are a genius.
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