Aug 29, 2009
Kansas City
Medical Student
Ok, so I have been mostly doing the EK home study to practice for my MCAT; however I have picked up some BR and plan on getting more as a supplemental. I was just curious as to what a good pace would be for full length tests. I am going to take a full length on Thursday this week to check my timing again, because I have been doing the EK lectures and taking the 30 minute exams and I seem to be finishing them with adequate time to spare (granted I am getting 10-12's on the exams). I usually finish the 30 mins after about 20 minutes and then I try to burn the rest of the time checking my answers but I usually don't change anything (if I do I change a correct answer to a wrong answer after second guessing myself).

Should I focus more on slowing my pace and reading the questions and passages more thoroughly (I think most of my mistakes come from stupid mistakes)? I feel like even with the AAMC tests I have taken I haven't been pressed for time, but I think my time was a little better on those.