Tips/Advice for a Rising Undergrad Junior

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Getting a few bs will not put you at a disadvantage. But I would definately shoot to raise your GPA in your last to years...
Hey guys,
I'm a rising junior at college and I've sort of come to a cross-roads in my education. I've always wanted to go to medical school but my journey there was very hazy, I am currently a mol. bio and biochem major but I have my sights set on a special program our school has where I can transfer after 3 years to another school and receive a BME degree in 2 years as well if I satisfy the requirements because at some point I thought I may want to be an engineer. However, I've realized that I am not very good at math as my lowest grades in college so far have been linear algebra(B) and multivariable calc. (B-) and I may abandon that track.
My question would these two classes put me at a serious disadvantage in the med school process? I know I have yet to take the MCAT and I haven't said anything about extras and there is a lot more in the process than just grades but just basing off that information am I set back?
My overall GPA is 3.57 and I've made an A- in orgo 1 and an A in orgo 2 (thought I'd include this tidbit since I've heard orgo is THE make or break class), and all my other intro science and pre-med classes are A- or A with the exception of an upper level physics course for the engineering (waves and vibrations) where I got a B+.

Thanks for all advice!

No, a few B's will not put you at a serious advantage.

A lack of effort in pursuing your EC's to strengthen your AMCAS app will put you at a strong disadvantage however. Do you volunteer at a hospital? Have you talked to physicians about their life? Have you talked to medical students about third and fourth year rotations? Are you a leader and do you show commitment in your activities OUTSIDE of academics? And probably most importantly, do you have the appropriate personality and communication skills to become a doctor? Are you personable?

I can guarantee this, AdComs at medical schools will more than likely skim your grades after your primaries are done (unless theres something noticeable) and will dig deep into who you are as a person.

So in conclusion, keep your grades up, but it should be the least of your worries. Work hard and stand out!

Best of luck! :oops: