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Tips for Pre-meds

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by reed0104, Feb 1, 2000.

  1. reed0104

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    Jan 14, 1999
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    A couple unique things I did that I beleive got myself accepted to Osteo Med school:

    1. I got recs from people who know me best from work (RN, a PT, and a supervisor)and I took the letters, condensed their best points and then had my advisor(undergrad) write a short intro and had him send it in with each school's rec form. This gave me a chance to concisely present my best attributes in a coordinated fashion while not violating the privacy of the recommender's opinion of me. (my other rec was from a D.O.)

    2. Design your own degree in school if possible. I did this both for my undergrad and my Masters. I talked about this for twenty minutes in my interviews, and they really appeared interested.

    I also would recommend it (degree designing) in general, it can be a lot more fun to take courses you are genuniely interested in.

    One of the hardest questions they will ask is,"what is unique about you?" If you have something genuinely unique like a personalized degree it is a great ice breaker in interviews.

    3.) Donate blood and Platelets, signup for the bone marrow donor program, it is easy and truly helpful for the community.

    If you have a team full of running backs (pre med clones) you are definately more apt to draft a kicker(you) or tight end vs. more running backs!

    Hope this helps somebody,


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