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Sep 2, 2001
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    Hey I'm just about to start my sophomore year which means starting Organic. I hate all the calculations that general chem had (most of it in General Chem 2). I was just wondering if Organic has as much calculation/math as general or less? Thanks a lot.


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    Jul 22, 2001
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      Each one has a lot of things to hate. I thought I would have a better time in Ochem just like you I hated the calculations, but then Ochem was not fun either.

      So don't hope for a lot of fun and excitement. There are a lot of memorization, theories, and all that other crap. If you like to draw then you might like it.

      Everyone has to go through this crap, but they say its worth it at the end...i sure hope so.

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      Jul 17, 2001
        There are barely any calculations, even in lab!
        I loved Ochem and HATED G Chem.
        I have heard that if you hate Gchem than you'll like ochem and vice versa.
        Ochem just makes more sense since you're concentrating on one thing basically the whole year (more and more reactions and mechanisms) whereas, in Gchem, you go over SOOOOO many different topics!


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        Oct 7, 2001
        1. Dentist
          I am in the same boat as Beagle: I didn't care much for General Chem., and I loved Organic Chem. Organic was my favorite college course!

          As a sidenote, I now like General Chem. and the problems don't bother me. I took General Chem. as a freshman, so maybe academic maturity has something to do with it.

          In any event, Organic has no calculations whatsoever.


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          Jul 17, 2002
            I suck so incredibly bad at math....suffered through G. Chem.....prayed for it to be over......and like you, wrecked my science GPA temporarily. I swear to god I never once understood what was going on in that class. When I took O. Chem, suddenly I was in a Chem class that made complete sense, was actually fun to do, and came easily to me. To me, the difference between G. Chem and O. Chem is similar to the dif between being right vs. left brained. :)

            However, you still might hate it. But at least there's no math involved.
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