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Dec 17, 2014
About how many questions in the DAT Orgo and gen chem section on your Dat exam had answers in complete sentence form?

For example, a question like this..

Which of the following statements best explains why Grignard reactions must be performed in aprotic solvents?
  • A. Protic solvents sequester the Grignard reagents by surrounding them in a solvent shell.
  • B. Aprotic solvents stabilize the transition state of the addition reaction.
  • C. Grignard reagents are strongly basic and react violently with protic solvents.
  • D. Aprotic solvents activate the electrophilic carbonyl carbon
  • E. The solvent choice for a Grignard reaction is irrelevant.
oppose to something like what is the hybridization state, what is the product, whats is the reactant, etc.
instead of something more straightforward with less words.
im worried because
when i see long questions/answers, i tend to confused myself because I feel like at least two of the choices make sense. I usually get those type of questions wrong

hope what I'm asking makes sense


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Jun 3, 2015
Dental Student
It was mixed for me. Orgo was very conceptual and not really reaction based so the questions were longer. Gen chem was similar but the questions were shorter than orgo. Many of the questions dealt with two similar choices that only differed slightly, just keep practicing!
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