Aug 11, 2016
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I am currently balancing rotations and studying to retake COMLEX I after failing by just a few points recently. My test is quickly approaching and studying needs to be my first priority right now, but I am spending Mon-Fri at the hospital from 7am-6pm on my rotation and then use every remaining waking moment of the night to study when I get home.

I will preface this by mentioning that the hospital I'm rotating at for the next 2 years is very, very small and tight-knit. The attendings and residents from all specialities know each other very well and there are only a few medical students rotating there with me. Obviously if it was a big hospital with a whole bunch of students, I wouldn't be as concerned but considering the dynamics at this hospital, I decided against disclosing my situation to my attending and residents in order to save face and avoid being the subject of negative biases about my abilities and work ethic. However, I am wondering if I should I confide in my attending about my predicament in hopes that he will be more apt to letting me leave earlier so that I can study? Word travels fast there, so I am 100% certain that it will make it's way out to residents and attendings in other specialties and potentially affect me on my future rotations for the next 2 years if I do decide to disclose it. Any ideas on what I should do?

Also, there have been multiple occasions when I've been asked "would you like to stay for this case?" or "do you want to come back this afternoon?".... In my mind, I'm like "holy crap, I really need to get out of here and study" but in reality, I wind up faking an enthusiastic "sure, I'll stay! : D" to avoid seeming disinterested. Is there a better way to respond and take the opportunity to leave without seeming lazy or disinterested?

I cannot wait to move past this so that I can genuinely enjoy rotations and focus on learning as much as possible, but right now I'm in a tough spot and can't help but think about anything other than trying to make a huge comeback on my second COMLEX attempt. I am in great need of advice here!


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Jul 20, 2010
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Well it's either fail COMLEX again or maybe get a slightly worse eval. Decision seems pretty obvious to me.