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To do EK 1001 or Not to Do EK 1001?

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by wheyprotein, May 27, 2008.

  1. wheyprotein

    wheyprotein 2+ Year Member

    Nov 2, 2007
    That is indeed the question. With my MCATs coming around July 8, I have been struggling with whether or not I should do the EK 1001 series. Personally, I do not think I have time. Also, I have taken the Kaplan MCAT course and I have access to my online syllabus for another two months. Should I just practice with the subject tests in the Kaplan online syllabus? Or, should I really make the effort and find the time to do the EK 1001 series? I'd be losing vital sleep if I have to.
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  3. smeagol

    smeagol 5+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Given that you have limited time, I would do EK1001s only for subject areas that you feel weak in. For instance, if you're only weak in electrochemistry, do the electrochemistry questions and skip everything else.

    Now, if you haven't bought the books, I bet you would be safe with just Kaplan, and you can save yourself some munnies while you're at it.
  4. LikeClockWork

    LikeClockWork Guest

    Jul 23, 2007
    Yeah, I would say to exhaust your Kaplan stuff first since it's really top notch. If you are still weak in specific areas, you might consider EK, but I though Kaplan was thorough enough.

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