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Jan 22, 2003
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Maybe you should post this in some more forums. Or depend upon the auto notification system that lets people know when they got a message. Just a thought. Somebody please ban this *****, isn't annoying me a TOS violation?


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Sep 28, 2006
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Seriously Hank, aren't you in the Match already? We are finding out in a week and a half. Just chill out until next Monday, then you'll have your answer. There is nothing you can do between now and then anyway, and not I, Dynx, Dr. Cox or the chairman at Johns Hopkins can do a damn thing to "evaluate your chances." Have a beer or go for a run or something. I know this a stressful time and all, and believe me we are all feeling it, but you have GOT to chill out a little. Good luck.

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Apr 9, 2000
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Considering its only been 2 hours since you left me a PM, and the fact that I check SDN and my PMs several times a day, this message is unnecessary (and a violation of the SDN TOS since it has been posted in several forums.) I do occasionnally sign out of SDN, but I"m pretty good about checking in.

Besides, as noted above, I nor anyone else has the answer for you. Your stats are good enough to match, but that doesn't mean you will. Matching is never all about just the numbers and there is too much variability in the process for anyone person to guess at your chances.
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