To write or not to write? that is the question

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Sep 5, 2007
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Hey guys,
I am applying to US schools, all apps are done and sent.. complete at one school since I chose to send my old DAT scores to them. I am retaking the DAT in October end. However i am debating it. I am canadian and i m taking my canadian dat in november.. so scores will be sent in december...wayyyy tooo late. I was thinking of takin the US dat and submitting my scores by fax/mail so schools can consider me..I think the problem isthat I am not ready for the American DAT.. it seems harder than canadian one plus the ORGO and QR sections are tough, i got a C in organic chem which i am repeating right now. I am extremely motivated and If I study 12 hours a day ( i have nothing to do but study since I am not doing school) for orgo and later for QR, do you think one week of hardcore prep for orgo and QR is enough if I am ready for all other sections? If I take the US DAT, thats pretty much my last shot since I submitted my old DAT scores... how many times can you submit scores to schools? retake scores? two times and thats it right? here is my GPA:
science: 3.46, non science 3.71, cumulative: 3.56
OLD DAT scores: AA18/RC:17/PAT13 with these scores, i dont think i have a shot anywhere so I have to retake.
i am thinking of adding more schools and not sending these scores to them and then sending them scores out of the two (either US or canadian DAT) november end. If i put in a hundred percent for canadian DAT, i will take the US one, a week or two later in november..
What do you guys suggest???? please help

PS: sorry i meant: to "take" the US DAT not write,