Today was my first day at dental collage. How was ur

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Jul 11, 2005
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Hi I am new to this forum this my first post.
Today was my first day in my institute.The institute is good for what I have heard from my father(he is in banking to which the institute is hypoticetd to).
I like to say this honestly that, I have no idea abt this field so I have may quaries that I would like any of u to answer please.

1. What r its prospect & what r its future?

2.Can I go outside India say migrate permanantly after the course( LIKE MOST OF MY FRIENDS WILL DO AFTER DOING THERE BTecs)?
Or do I need to qualify for any examination for UK USA?

3.In many of the post I have seen kaplan, NDBE what r they?

Please tell how was ur first day. As for me got huge list of books to buy for example for dental material science Skinner pillips or Anusvics (correct me if I have spell those wrong) go to see the cadaver to which I we will be learning anatomy. rules and regulation apart from dress code and time table.


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Aug 28, 2005
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uand32 said:
Hi you are welcome to this site and if you are talking about its future,then it is bright and it depends on ur hard work and luck.Well NDBE AND kAPLAN are the study materials for those who wish to become dentist in US or Canada/UK.A foreign trained dentist is only allowed to practice in these countries once they pass the NDBE(National Dental Board Examination).You can migrate like your friends keeping in my mind all the criterias and aloso pay attention to ur classes as First year and Second year courses are the main subjects to be questioned in NDBE part 1 and you can write tis exam while you are in dental school in India, if you are financiaaly secure.
i hope you are cleared and keep visisting this site regularly,u will come to know more.