Jul 31, 2009
Four new TOEFL learning books that Kaplan uses to teach their TOEFL classes. These books were included as part of the cost of attending a Kaplan TOEFL course. Books are in perfect condition, no markings (exercises, practice tests, etc). These books, would probably retail for well over $500 if sold in a normal bookstore. Books included are:

1) TOEFL Strategies - 490 pages

This books focuses on 8 key areas of a TOEFL exam. They include: history, hard sciences, education, business, social sciences, arts/literature, technology, and sports/entertainment. Each of these key areas are further broken into the four sections you would typically see on an average TOEFL test - reading, writing, speaking, listening.

2) Academic English Skills - 720 pages

This book focuses primarily on the sections included on a typical TOEFL exam. Detailed examples, explanations, etc can be found here. Definetely a book that is needed in order to successfully pass the TOEFL exam.

3) TOEFL Practice Drills - 987 pages

This book containts approximately 600 reading, writing, listening, speaking questions (as well as answers). This also includes four, full length TOEFL tests similiar in length, and content to an actual TOEFL IBT test.

4- A Guide to TOEFL Structured Study

Books perfect for someone who:

1) Wants to enroll in a Kaplan testing course, but does not want to pay the money to do so
2) Wants to achieve a passing TOEFL IBT score
3) Wants learning tips, advice on how to successfully pass the TOEFL
4) Wants to see/practice what an actual TOEFL test is like
5) Wants to study at their own pace