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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I would really like to hear from anybody who has taken the TOEFL.What do they mean when they say "your answers to all previous questions help determine the difficulty level of the next question you will be given".Does this mean that you get a higher score if you proceed to more difficult questions? They do not say.Also how long should one allow to answer each section?It is not very clear.Also they mention a 5 min.break.When is this break?I do not think either their Information Bulletin or their Web site is very clear.Also when I made contact one person said the exam was approx.3andhalf hour-the other said 4 hours.I would really appreciate hearing from anybody who has done TOEFL.Also do you know what score ECFMG require.Many thanks. Maria
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    I've heard about exams that are interactive. If you answer the difficult questions correctly, then the computer will give you even more difficult questions. If you miss the difficult questions, then it will give you easier questions.

    If you get only the difficult questions, then the test will be shorter. If you get only easy questions, then the test will be really long but really easy. That's the theory behind it. I never took TOEFL and don't know what the min pass score is. Sorry! I have heard that if you can speak English, then it will be very easy. No tricks.

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