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May 9, 2007
So the first time I applied to MD school, I solicited three letters from faculty: academic advisor (good letter), English teacher (good letter), neurophys. teacher (she didn't know me that well, I asked her because I needed a third letter and her class only had 10 students in it) That cycle ended up being a wash.

This time, I have a letter from a former PI (good letter) my current PI (good letter) and the clinic manager who runs a volunteer program I am involved with (good letter).

Question (I am using my undergrad. letter collection committee): do I ask the committee to toss the neurophys letter? I feel like I've got a lot of great letters and this one would stick out as being rather wishy-washy. That aside, six letters is a ****-ton of reccomendations, and I'm concerned that the good ones (clinic, current PI) will get overlooked with too many.



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Apr 6, 2008
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Many schools require two science professor letters from classes you took. PI's don't fall under this catagory. As I see it, you only have one (neurophys.) and are debating whether or not to even include that one. Am I missing something?