took Canadian DAT..Should I take the American DAT?


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Dec 26, 2011
    I am a Canadian Student.

    I took 2 Canadian DATs but I'm looking into applying to American schools this upcoming cycle.

    I really want to upgrade my science scores but I'm scared that my reading and PAT would go down. The thing is chem/bio/organic chem/ math ..those things I can study for, but PAT and RC are obviously much easier on paper.

    My stats are
    1st DAT
    BIO 19
    CHEM 22
    SCI TOT: 20
    RC: 22
    AA: 21
    PAT: 21

    2nd DAT
    BIO 23
    CHEM 21
    SCI TOT: 22
    RC: 20
    AA: 21
    PAT 21

    Yes obviously my scores have changed but my AA and PAT is the same :(
    Since now I can focus studying for DAT (summer!! yay) I'm thinking of taking the American DAT but am scared that I would do worse in RC and PAT section!
    If I take it I would have to take it in mid/late June (also sending my application in mid/late June).

    My cGPA is around 3.5 and sGPA is around 3.2 ish


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    Jun 21, 2011
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      In my experience I've found those sections harder on the US DAT. It's your call..if you think you need to raise up your AA. But I think you're fine, those are solid scores. Not sure if your sGPA will hold you back, but your cGPA is decent. If you have good ECs/statement you should get interviews.
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