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Feb 2, 2007
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I took my first practice test last week through a free offer from Kaplan and just got the results back. Overall I am pretty happy considering I have not studied any yet. I got a 33! Just kidding that would be great though. I actually got a 23. The score break down was 9 BS, 8 VR, and 6 PS. I feel pretty good about the BS and VR sections I think that I can bring those up to at least 10's I am a little worried about the PS because G-Chem and Physics are a little far removed. I was wondering how much you all think I could reasonably bring up the PS section. Also I thought I read something on here that most people can bring up their overall score like 12 points or something like that, I could be wrong though. I am starting to study this week with EK for the June 15 MCAT.
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