Took Ochem freshman year, applying out


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Jun 13, 2020
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    Hey guys. I unfortunately took Ochem I and Ochem II (no lab yet) freshman year. Wish I had given myself a chance to slow down. Anyways, I was not planning to apply outside of my BS/MD program but now I am. I made an A in Ochem I and a B in Ochem II. Knowing that MD schools aren't necessarily going to take my AP Chem credit for gen. chem, would you recommend I take gen. chem next year, or take an upper-level chemistry like Achem and such? Ditto with physics, not sure if they'll take my cred.

    I have a W and one more B as well, was dealing with some mental health issues. Hoping I haven't messed up my chances too bad. I know it's freshman year but I know that it's getting really hard to make it into allopathic, even DO, continuously amazed at how competitive this whole process is... you doctors/med students are really the cream of the crop. thanks all
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    Nov 4, 2015
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      Many med schools don’t accept AP for required courses. You’re right about that.

      Would your college to retake courses for which you already received AP credit? Mine won’t. Not sure how medical schools would feel.
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