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Took the DAT yesterday (23AA and 25 TS)


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Aug 29, 2015
  1. Dental Student

    First off I'd like to extend my thanks to Ari from bootcamp, Dr. Mike from bootcamp and the DAT destroyer people (orgoman). I took the DAT yesterday morning and came up with the following scores:
    PAT: 22
    QR: 19
    RC: 18
    Biology: 26
    GChem: 27
    OChem: 23
    TS: 25
    AA: 23

    PAT: This section is a learned skill that you acquire with practice, and once you have it you have it so to speak. I spent a good amount of time practicing my PAT skills during the last time I took the dat (November, 2016) and so I didn't prep much for it for this test, aside from the 3 practice exams i took to get my timing down. I am more than happy to help out those of you that are struggling with angles, I managed to score 14, 14, and 15 (out of 15) for the angles on the 3 practices that I took and I'd like to think that I have it some what figured out.

    QR: I did 8 practices from Math destroyer and 9/10 DAT bootcamp for the QR stuff and I scored around the same (19). I thought that I'd score higher on the real thing cus i made a bunch of stupid mistakes on the practices, however by the time I got to QR I was exhausted and discouraged by RC.

    RC: I knew going into the DAT that RC is my weakest section. I did bootcamp RC practices twice and I was scoring 18-20. I couldn't for the life of me read faster/do SnD and finish in time. DO NOT prepare for the DAT expecting the questions to be in order. U should go in with the mindset of a balanced approach, and if your test version happens to be SnD friendly then praise the lord and SnD your way to a great score. My passages were all over the place, answer for first question on my first passage was in the last paragraph so go figure.

    Bio, Gchem and Ochem: For bio I did all of Destroyer 2017 and the 10 bootcamp practices (projected 24) and read up on the topics I got wrong (I worked backwards). For Chem I did all of Chad's quizzes and 9 of the boot camp practices (scored 18-23, mode was 22) and again I read up on topics I felt weakest at. Ochem was all Dr. Mike off of bootcamp, I did his quizzes and did 9 of the bootcamp practices (projected scores 20-23). Take away point, know your strengths and weaknesses and plug in the weaknesses holes by reviewing your practice test and clearing up all of your mistakes. Take notes of what you got wrong and review that close to the time when you take the DAT.

    A concern that I have for my scores are obviously the low QR and RC. I believe Detroit mercy said somewhere on their website that they don't want less than 19 in any section, so technically They won't deem my scores competative?idkI'm not sure how much schools will harp on my terrible RC and QR.


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