Touro CA vs Touro NV

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May 15, 2017
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Hello! I was recently accepted to Touro NV although I’ve already made my two deposits at Touro CA (the last one is refundable).

I know these are two Touro institutions so they basically have a similar reputation and COA but I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how they would decide between the two.

I’m leaning towards CA because it’s a P/F curriculum and NV isn’t. I’ve also gone through some of the process for matriculation (have not secured housing tho).

The one thing that does make me think twice is the quality of rotation sites. I have heard (although admittedly have not done my own research) that Touro NV is pretty connected to the local hospitals and their students do well at the rotation sites and don’t have to travel too far. I’m wondering if anyone has some personal insight on this.