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Touro Nevada vs Marian


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Dec 15, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
    Really can't decide. My gut tells me Marian is the "better" choice to keep my options open for specialties, but I would rather live in Vegas than Indianapolis. Any input appreciated.

    Touro Nevada

    - Weather is nice and easy (no snow, I am used to heat as I grew up in Arizona)
    - Vegas is a fun town. Easy to fly in and out of (important for me and my loved ones)
    - Class attendance is not required (I am the type of student who tends to learn best from recorded lectures in the comfort of my home)
    - I was accepted here months ago, so I already have arranged a living situation to move here (although I could get out of it, if I choose Marian)


    - Close to my siblings
    - Campus seems prettier and facilities seem better
    - So far, the faculty has been friendlier here (although the Touro faculty hasn't been bad; they just don't seem to give that specialized attention as what I feel from Marian)


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    Jun 13, 2020
    1. Pre-Medical
      I actually also made the choice between these two schools and am choosing Marian! For me, the vibes I got at Marian were infinitely better than TUNCOM. I believe that MUCOM has a really solid 3rd and 4th-year curriculum compared to TUNCOM. I don't think class attendance is required either. I loved the facilities and the professors I met at the interview, and the current students I've spoken to have been the friendliest people I've met on this path so far. I'm hoping the class of 2025 will be the same way haha. Also, the single warehouse-style building at TUNCOM was a turnoff for me.
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