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May 31, 2001
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If anyone is interested, in purchasing all the books provided with Kaplan and TPR courses, I have them and would like to sell them. The TPR are books are from 2002 and in good condition; minimal pencil marks and half of the science workbook passages have not been done. I also have the TPR Tests A-D, which have minimal pencil marks in 2 of the verbal sections of two of the tests; the rest of it is unmarked.

The Kaplan books are from 2000 and in good condition; minimal pencil marks. I am also including the flashcards. Also, I have the topical tests that were given with the course. This is something that students are no longer allowed to take home, so it'll be hard to get now. These are good for making sure you know what you have just read. The tests have very few penicl marks and are mostly unmarked.

I am also including an Arco Test book that has 5 full MCATs; only the verbal sections are marked with light pencil marks. The rest are unmarked.

I will also throw in the timer that I used to take the test. It is a radio shack timer and counts up as well as down and does not beep.

save yourself $1400+!!

Another bones, the Princeton Review Medical school guide which contains information on every accredited medical school in the country.
Also, my class notes for orgo, physics, and g. chem from TPR, in very good condition.
I used all this material to prepare and got a 30+ on the MCAT.

email me at [email protected] if interested
thanks and good luck!
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