For Sale TPR Hyperlearning Books + EK review and 1001

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Sep 6, 2014
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Selling The Princeton Review HYPERLEARING MCAT books. Includes:

1) Physical Sciences Review (Physics and General Chemistry)
2) Biological Sciences Review (Biology and Organic Chemistry)
3) Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review
4) Science Workbook (Passages and Discretes corresponding to each chapter in the review books)
5) Verbal Workbook
6) In-Class Compendium

Selling all of the Exam Krackers MCAT Review Books and the EK 1001 Series. Includes:

The Review Package:
1) Physics Review
2) Biology Review
3) Chemistry Review
4) Organic Chemistry Review
5) Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques

EK 1001 Set:
1) 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology
2) 1001 Questions in MCAT Physics
3) 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemsitry
4) 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry

Also Selling:
1) 101 Passages in Verbal Reasoning
2) 16 Mini-Mcats
3) 1 full length paper MCAT published by EK
4) Audio Osmosis for each chapter for each review section

Will include the book "Medical School Essays that made a difference" by TPR and Kaplan MCAT quicksheets for free.

I live in Canada, so please only reply if you are in Canada or are willing to meet up near Toronto/Mississauga. I will not be shipping the books anywhere.


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