TPR workout Practice exams and GS good practice?


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Dec 26, 2008
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So I am a retaker and I am taking the MCAT on the 14th of August. I have been studying for these last couple of months like crazy and have been using the gold standard as my main source of exams (i tried redoing the AAMC but I keep averaging 37s and Im sure its just an inflated score since i remember a lot of the questions). I've been averaging a 30 on the GS and have been pretty ok with that (substituting Ek for verbal). However, today I took a Princeton review exam from the workout book, and i got a 26 :( (7-10-9). I can't decide if its harder than the regular exam or on par. I am feeling pretty discouraged and am just not sure what to do now. I feel like I learn from my mistakes and redo everything but on these exams I cannot do more than a 30. I average 34s on all the kaplan but Im just not sure of where I stand. Any helpuggestions as to how to correlate my readiness with the gs/ pr exams that I've taken? thanks again. hope everyone who is studying is doing better than me.


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Jun 14, 2006
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Wow...i'm in a very very similar situation! I read on some posts that TPR isn't that great of practice test and try to use GS instead?? Not sure if that's accurate or not. Plus, if you get a low score, I wouldn't panic..just use it as a tool to improve! Also, I hear only good things about EK so I would trust those tests. Any thoughts guys?
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