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Medical Student
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Dec 31, 2010
Medical Student
Hi all,

UPDATE: TPR SCIENCE WORKBOOK HAS SOLD! Thanks for your interest!

-I have for sale the TPRH science workbook. It's in pristine condition. Not one single pen/pencil mark, and covers are in good condition. 2013 edition. Differences between this version and an upcoming version with regards to the non psychology and sociology part of the exam are slight, so versions are comparable. You will still be able to use this to review for the upcoming 2015 MCAT. There's no better way to review than by doing Q's. This has more than 700 pages of them.

$80 shipped first class, $85 via priority mail.

-I also have a 2010 MCAT general chemistry review book. It's also in pristine condition. Corners have slight wear, but not major. $14 shipped first class, $17 priority mail.

Buy both together and I'll lower the price to $95 shipped priority mail.

PM me for pics.

Good luck!
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