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Traditional Chinese Medicine Makes No Harm


Alan Lancelot

Dear Sisters,
Happy greetings from Medboo! (www.medboo.com or http://tcm.medboo.com ) Did you ever visit our website? We are specialized in the service in various aspects of alternative medicine and health-care to meet the need of the professional and lay visitors. As to your knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is upsurging in US and other western countries, and many people want to study TCM, but the problem is time and money. You have to work and take care of the family and the tuitions are so expensive, how can you afford the study? Now we are helping you, who are interested in TCM, solve the problem, we are running the online courses of TCM which is co-sponsored by Training Center of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Association of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, you stay at home and turn on your computer, download the materials, STUDY! Besides, it??s quite inter-active too, questions could be asked by email whenever you want and in the very near future, we can offer vocal teaching, does it sound good? Our tuition, in comparison with the direct training, is nearly nothing, for the 21-month, 2800-hour and 7-course training the tuition is just 425$US! It??s amazing! That??s also why a number of nurses have already enrolled in our training.Come on, see our website and find the info about our training, the dream of learning TCM will become true! The following web pages are helpful for you to know more about us: http://www.medboo.com/eng/training/index.htm , http://www.medboo.com/eng/training/faq.htm , http://www.medboo.com/eng/training/sample.htm , http://www.medboo.com/eng/training/reg.htm , http://www.medboo.com/eng/catcm.htm , http://www.medboo.com/eng/caim.htm .
Dear sisters, why don??t you join us right now? We are waiting for you!
Master in Medboo

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