Traditional vs. PBL (Filipino Med Schools)

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Oct 9, 2005
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I just wanted to see what the filipino med students think about the two types of curriculums. pros and cons. I am still debating which system is more conducive to my learning style and just wanted to get some input from everyone on here. any thoughts would be great!


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Mar 12, 2005
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why are you contemplating about it? from what i know, there are less schools using the PBL now. i belong to the 2nd (& last) batch of students in UST who were enrolled under the PBL. PBL learning is vertical. what we learned in 1st yr is not the same as what a 1st yr knows who is enrolled under the traditional.

pro's - one is resourcefulness coz we learn on our own, we are not spoonfed. we don't only rely on what we read in textbooks but we use the internet (that's why the medical informatics center was set up in the 1st place) & browse thru journals (some faculty members even emphasize us to do our critical analysis) for more info. during the discussion, we exchange ideas (even thoughts regarding some facts) so we become expressive, more active. since it's created "by modules" based by systems & not by subjects, we easily integrate/correlate the basics w/ the clinicals, including the skills. as early as 1st yr, we were already practicing our history-taking. we also have wednesdays and saturdays as our day-offs, thus we still manage to watch movies, play badminton, jog or do whatever we like during the week.

con's - we are prejudiced as "knowing nothing at all" (in tagalog, mga walang alam) coz we learn few, limited concepts. somehow, it's true because due time constraints, some "must know" topics are less discussed/emphasized and they leave the rest to our readings (that is, if we read) & some say that we're lazy (which is not entirely true) that we spend more times in malls than in school.

sorry if i am only able to give you few info. if you have more questions, don't hesitate to PM me. i'm "from duty" status and i'm groggy at the moment. Good luck & God bless on your decision making.