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Sep 26, 2002
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I am getting some conflicting information regarding my transcripts.

UCLA showed that they had received LORs for me on 9/18 on their status website. However, I had not been selected for a secondary and never requested that LORs be sent to them, so I called.

Turns out that they say it was a mistake, that they actually mistook my transcripts for my LORs. When I said that I never requested transcripts either, they said that AMCAS forwards transcripts when they have narrative evaluations. However, AMCAS never forwarded them until 9/18!

When I called AMCAS to find out why it took them so long to send them when my AMCAS application was processed back in July, they claimed that they DO NOT send transcripts to the schools ever, even if they are narrative!!! They said that UCLA would have had to request transcripts from UC Santa Cruz!

Does this make sense to anyone?


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Apr 17, 2002
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It sounds to me like UCLA is confused. It is true that AMCAS does not send out your transcript to schools, so maybe they were confusing you with another applicant - it has been known to happen. So call up UCLA and try to clarify everything and this could also be a good time to inquire about a secondary :D .
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