Oct 30, 2020
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I am transferring to my local university, starting as a 2nd-semester sophomore. What would be the process of fulfilling medical school prerequisites?
I'd be open to doing a post-bac, but I'd prefer to get all the prerequisites done during my time at university. Thank you in advance!
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Jul 26, 2009
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Hello there, I will provide a brief background about myself, and then I will ask the question.

I transferred to my local university (starting as a 2nd semester sophmore).
Would it be possible for me to complete all the medical school prerequisites during my time in college w/o doing a post-bac?
Yes, it quite possible to complete the prereqs in 2 years. However, you will still likely need a gap year or more to build a strong record to be a successful applicant to medical school
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May 27, 2020
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If you have 5 semester left (jr, senior year + 1 sophomore year semester) and have not taken any of the science prereqs it will be tight but basically you need to follow some version of this schedule. All classes include the required labs except for biochem.

s1: chem 1, bio 1
s2: chem 2. bio 2
s3: ochem 1, Physics 1
s4: ochem 2, physics 2
s5: biochem

If you havent taken stats and calculus you'll have to add them in at some point. It will be tight at a courseload of 15 credits (5 classes) a semester, though depending on your major it will be easier if the prereqs actually fulfill requirements beyond just being prereqs. I doubt it would be viable if you were majoring in say economics but would be pretty doable you were majoring in bio or something. I don't think any school actually requires psych soc and you can study it on your own for the MCAT.
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