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Transferring into U.S. School from Carib.


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Jan 14, 2003
    I have heard from people on this forum and others about a select few who have been able to transfer into U.S. med schools from St. George's, (a difficult road obviously, but possible), but has anyone out there heard of someone being able to transfer from Ross or AUC? Just curious.


    Radiology, R1
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    Jan 27, 2002
    in hell
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      was thinking the same thing. Just got my waitlist rejection.

      Looking at other possible avenues now.

      Plan on doing a road trip when I go home in winter to check out the Texas schools.

      Forgot what other schools are usually open for transfer

      Finch, MCP Hanneman?, GW?, Tulane?

      any others?


      Junior Member
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      Aug 5, 2003
      Chicago, IL
        Hi there all...

        I just went through the transfer process this past year. I am from ross and it was a rough year. It seemed like all the traditional schools that take transfers did not this year. I am a 4.0/Step one-99 who interviewed at all the schools, waitlisted at one (MCP) and had a promising hope at the other (GW), but in the end, MCP only took 2 students instead of the normal 7 and GW took none (other than the normal US students they take every year). THe other schools that normally have spots, Finch (had none), NYMC (had no spots) and Tulane (I never heard anything back from) did not have anything worthwhile. I had two classmates transfer this year, one to Indiana University and the other to a school in NC, both of them because their parents knew someone.

        In the past there have been multiple people that transferred from carib schools to the US like 25-30 spots a year, but this year seemed exceptionally rough with only a handfull of spots! Oh well, I guess no matter how your grades are and scores are even with POD letters, you can still have to struggle with the rest!

        For those trying to transfer, good luck, it is rough, but it has been done before and will be done again, but you are at the mercy of the admissions committee's.

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        Apr 30, 2002
        1. Attending Physician
          This is becoming more and more difficult (if not impossible). In the past few years, most schools have implemented official policies refusing to accept non-LCME transfers. I know of a few extremely gifted (high GPA, great LORs, high Step I score) students who were unable to transfer this time around. I know of a few others who are waiting to see if they can get in next year (and will have to repeat MSIII).

          Point is: If you start at a Carib (or other offshore/foreign) school, plan to finish there.

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