Transferring loans/Financial Aid from school to professional school


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Mar 27, 2007
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My question is how do I transfer my financial aid? I am currently taking MS. at this certain university where I get to have federal grant (they pay for my tuition) and I get to use loans as well. I will still be able to get loans for Winter and Spring 2009 which is good. My problem is I need to go take pre-requisite at the pharmacy school that I am planning to go to and this is during summer 2009. I am wondering if I could still get Summer Financial aid from this school I´m transferring to? Should I go arrange some meeting at financial aid at my current school? I am also wondering if I start my Pharmacy school in Sept 2009 would I have a problem getting financial aid which I will have to pay and they just disburse it later?

Any I do sound like a newb but this is worrying me. Oh yeah, I am independent btw. Thanks for your advice.
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