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    I'm an MS1 (almost MS2!) in a good school in the US, I love my school and think I have an amazing class, but all the same I'm having an extremely hard time surviving without family. I know that isn't exactly 'extenuating circumstances' by itself but at the risk of being rather presumptious my family history and cultural background lend themselves to the kind of attachment and loss that is rather stronger than the normal 'going away to college' kind of homesickness. It's been affecting my basic motivation to continue my education (even though my grades are just fine) in a city far away from family who are closer to me than most people are to their siblings.

    My point is, I really want to try to transfer to an Ontario medical school so I can be closer to family, and I'm wondering if this kind of reasoning will get me anywhere, and if these schools accept transfers:

    University of Toronto
    Schulich School of Medicine (The University of Western Ontario)
    Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine (McMaster University)
    Queen's University
    Northern Ontario School of Medicine
    University of Ottawa

    Of course I will call and ask them, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice or information that may help.

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  2. You can definitely inquire, but it's going to be tough. Usually the only reasonable explanations for transferring are (1) family illness and (2) spouse's job. But I don't know about the logistics of transferring from a US school to a Canadian one.

    Best of luck.

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