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Oct 19, 2002
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Has anyone transferred from one DO school to another? or even to a MD school?

Reason why I'm asking is because I'm engaged to be married to my girlfriend who is currently interviewing for her residency. Where she will go will depend on the match of course so right now, things are uncertain. I go to LECOM (MS-I) and she is applying for a residency spot in Pittsburgh (2 hours away) and one in Cleveland Clinic (about 1 hour away). It would be ideal if she gets either of these two positions, but again, who knows. There are only about 19 DO schools and some of the programs where she applied to do not have a DO school anywhere near - in that case, I would like to see my options for attending a MD school.

I know for residency programs, they have couple match. But what about transferring to another school because of a spouse, such as in my case?
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