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Sep 14, 2013
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Senior folks...

I know this is rather a personal question and experiences might vary a lot, but I'm interested to see how did you guys transition from fellowship to the real world.
-When did you start looking around for jobs?
-How was you job hunting experience and how long did it take?
-did you feel you had to compromise a lot with your first job?
-is it common to sell yourself as being interested in a particular tumor and does that make your search harder?

I'm in that phase of fellowship right now where I think I need to start seriously thinking about post-fellowship plans. My interest and research (throughout residency and so far in fellowship) has been in a not-so-common kind of tumor and I will be looking to continue that if possible. I wouldn't call my research now groundbreaking in any mean so I don't think I will easily have open doors to a lot of places based on that alone. I will try to stay in academics but was also wondering if I should target both academic/PP/hybrid positions in my search.